Thursday, September 07, 2006

Life is the end of life

“Life is the end of life.” That is a sentence that I encountered in my reading today. I had to stop and think about it for a minute because it is such a strange sentence. In philosophy, strange sentences are anything but a rarity, but this one stood out. “Life is the end of life.”

Regardless of whatever our particular philosophy of life is, I think it should include the statement, “life is the end of life.” Here we are, Elizabeth and I, far away from friends, family, and familiarity and it has become much too easy to come home and watch TV and surf the net and forget why we are here. I’ve been here nearly 3 months now and I’m already starting to wonder where the time has gone and how quickly life is passing me by. But wait, what are we doing way over here – far from friends, family and familiarity? We are here because life is the end of life. It’s time to stop treating each day as a means to some elusive end. Life – this life – the one right here and right now – this life is the end of life. Pray that we might all realize this end before the end realizes us


Mom (Bannon) said...

Brad & Elizabeth, I really am enjoying reading your blog entries.
Today was especially interesting, and I look forward to more reports on your day(s) and experience(s) you two will/are go(ing) thru there :)
Go Elizabeth! on all that learning you are looking forward to and, Brad 'Life is the end of life' was certainly food for thought :)and each day is to be lived to the fullest for sure, and each is to be cherished. Embrace each day and enjoy your experiences to take with you thruout your lives. I tend to think that each experience is important, whether we immediately see the importance of it or not. Life is like a patchwork quilt and it all is sewn together...May each of your experiences enrich your lives always. I love you both, Mom (Bannon)

Anonymous said...


And your Mom's bit about a patchwork quilt is really nice! I'm making "quilts" with my kindergarteners right now. Except their life-quilts are covered in glue and some of them tried to eat them . . .
Guess who?

Anonymous said...

No I am a bit in disagreement with this shought or I, as usual, just don't get it. Life is not the end of life in my knowledge obtained by experience. Life is the training ground for the application of integrity in a sea of babylonian mentality where the only way up is by getting down and the quickest way down is through our fight to get up. How is it we think that life is measured by ours and not the eternal? Just my, cath

Mother Nature said...

I'm sneaking in the back door..but isn't this the essence...that this moment IS the end of life. But doesn't that lead us to the fact that the next nano second is the next life, the rebirth, the new beginning! What power is that, what joy in the possibilities, what elegance in the forgiveness of our tomorrows!