Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bye, Bye Bangalore

Elizabeth and I have enjoyed living in Bangalore. However, next month will be our last month living in Bangalore.

No, we aren't moving, we are staying right where we are, but yesterday the city announced that they are changing the name of the city to Bengaluru. The reason is that "Bangalore" is actually a mispronunciation by the British of the name in Kannada (the official language of Karnataka). So, when the people who live here say the name in English, they say "Bangalore" but when they say it in Kannada, they say "Bengaluru." Originally (quite long ago), the rajya (kingdom) was called "bendakaluru", meaning "city of gardens."

Interesting, huh?


Mom (Bannon) said...

...and just when your Dad, only last week, had learned to pronounce Bangalore....!! I get to hear him struggle with Benga-lur-u,
Be-nga-l-uru, Ben-ga-lu-ru, Beng-gal-u-ru, and I find myself glad that 'bendakaluru"....(or did I spell that correctly!!) is not the one we are working with.. This is getting complicated for 'Seniors', just stay in 'Bangalore'!! :)

Mom (Bannon) said...
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