Monday, January 22, 2007


So, after much aggrevation and a lot of fighting with winkflash, the pics are LOADED! WHEEEE! There are a lot of them (I think over 300) so feel free to peruse as many as you like. There are shots from all aspects of the trip: wandering through Bangkok, wandering by coral underwater, wandering around the boat. Truly, that's all we did for two weeks: wander.

I've included 31 of our favorites here. However, if you click this handy link, you can be awed and inspired by the rest.

Brad and Elizabeth's Thai Adventure Pics

And now, a preview:

With all of our gear, we couldn't quite fit in the picture.

A leopard shark. People came so close to it,
as you can see from the pic Brad took.
A manta ray. There are no words. We'll try,
but it's beyond intelligible language to describe.

On our way back to land after two weeks on a boat. I got
land sickness that night.

The man who made the trip: John.
He was the dive captainof the boat.

On the surface in the water.

The best product description I've ever seen.

Brad riding the undersea subway.

Brad and a manta ray.

Batfish. They were each 2 - 3 ft. across. And shimmery.

A blue spotted sting ray. We had a close call with one that
made us think we were going to have our own Steve Irwin-esque moment.

The dome of the Golden Temple with a stand
where people hang bells with prayers on them.

A ghost pipefish. While they aren't rare, they are very hard to
find as they are ~2cm in length. We were fortunate to see this one twice.
The amateur photographer from the Netherlands was jealous!

The galley where we ate and hung out between dives.

Elizabeth hanging on while being towed back to the ship.

A christmas tree. If you get too close, they close up.
This is very close up. They are 3-4cm in length.

A humphead parrotfish. As John said, a fish so ugly
that even its mother couldn't love it.

A hermit crab. Isn't he cute?

A thornback boxfish. They are VERY rare in the
region where we're diving. Tomas was very
impressed that I found it.

I found Nemo!!

A Jenkins Whiptail Ray. He was going through the
"carwash" getting a bath. (And yes, At the Carwash was
running through my head while watching him.)

Pearl eyed moray eel. They are very rare.

A praying mantis shrimp. They are very shy and hard
to spot. This one kept moving his tail closer to me,
like was going to strike me with it.

One of many sunrises.

Tiny little fleurs. They were maybe 10mm wide.

This is what pure joy looks like.

A sea urchin. They were so cool. I love the orb in the middle.

Tiny crabs. This is Brad's favorite pic from the trip. There
are three in the picture and the largest was 2-3cm.

Fleurs and bells at the Golden Temple in Bangkok.
I rang one of the bells and it was terribly loud.

Little shrimps. Anyone hungry??

Squid! They are so cool! They float along and are irridescent.


Mom (Bannon) said...

OK! that is what I have been waiting for and tho I do not have a spare minute right now to check out the Mother-load of pictures I want you to know that evidently the one I loved the most, and laughed right out loud about here all alone, was the fact that you found Nemo! too cute! Can't wait to view all of them...great great great photos..No amatures behind that camera!

Anonymous said...

OMIGOSH OMIGOSH - I thought that "thornback boxfish" looks a lot like what i thought was called a Cow Fish (and is one of my favorites) . . . anyway! WHOA DUDE . . . I didn't think leopard sharks were real. HOLY LIFE AQUATIC GREATNESS! (That movie is so marvy) . . . BESH these pictures are amazing. The world is so color'y. Man. I need to visit the sea. So happy you could for me!

E(Liz)a(Beth) said...

Well, some people did call it a cow fish, but the book we looked in called it a boxfish. They may be the same type of fish. There are more of them in the gallery of images (the cutest little yellow ones). Wheee for cute fish!

Kathrin Biemann-Monfette said...

Wonderful! I cannot wait to visit and take many photos of India. If I can take hundreds of my cats, then India will surely be an adventure for my camera. You're getting lots of stamps in your passport.

E(Liz)a(Beth) said...

I'm sure, Kathrin. It'll be like Laura in Disney. OUT OF CONTROL! :)