Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Since we can't be with all of you for Christmas, we decided to take our break and go to Thailand to live on a boat and scuba dive all day for 12 days straight!! I think it works out to about 45 dives. We'll be departing from the island of Phuket (careful how you pronounce that).

We'll be sure to post lots of stories and pictures when we get back. For now, here is as much as we know:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
-Brad & Elizabeth


Kathrin Biemann-Monfette said...

That's great, how long is the flight from India? Did you bring all your equipment? Merry Christmas too.

Kathrin Biemann-Monfette said...

Isn't it supposed to be your Indian adventure, not Thai? Well I guess it's adventure while overseas. Miss you.

Jen said...

That sounds awesome! Merry Christmas!

Mom (Bannon) said...

Brad & Elizabeth, Happy New Year...May 2007 be easier for you than 2006 was. I know you have had some great experiences in India (and all your world travels this year, but I am praying for you to meet more people and find some great friends to go thru 2007 with you. Missing you terribly and thinking of you and saying prayers for you more often than you can imagine...I love you both, Mom

Kathrin Biemann-Monfette said...

It's time for some new stories on the page!! I want to read of your Thai adventures. I just saw Tsunami, an HBO movie, very good with Toni Collette.