Saturday, August 04, 2007

Finally, an update!

First, I want to apologize for not updating this blog. The good side of it is that both Elizabeth and I are very busy these days. The downside of it is… Elizabeth and I are very busy these days.

This is turning out to be one of my busiest semesters ever. I would say it is the busiest, but I think my last semester at Drew will hold that title for a while. In addition to a heavier class load than last year, I am also preparing to take the GRE (Graduate Record Exam). It sucks. It is the biggest waste of time, in both my opinion and Elizabeth's. There are so many other things I could be reading, writing and working on, but instead I am trying to memorize the definitions of countless obscure vocabulary and trying to learn how to do geometry quickly and correctly. Unfortunately, my scores on the GRE are the biggest obstacle facing me with regard to getting into PhD programs. Since I know some of you have taken the GRE, I would greatly appreciate any tips you might have – especially where to find practice tests that don't cost a fortune. (Kaplan charges $1,499 for access to their online tests – I'm neither desperate enough nor wealthy enough to pay that!)

Some exciting news… During my summer vacation, I wrote a book. It is not exactly a best-seller or an Oprah book club selection, but at least it is somewhat of an accomplishment. The title is The Quest for Postmodern Ethics: A Phenomenological Comparison of Martin Heidegger and Sri Aurobindo Ghose. I don't have a publisher yet, although Dharmaram publications (the press at my university) has indicated that they would like to publish it. I hope to shop it around to some US publishers, also. Any suggestions?

I've come to realize that the book needs a lot of work. A number of family and friends have tried to read it, but so far none of them has made it through. The first few chapters, I'm afraid, will have to be re-written. I don't know when I will find the time to do that, but I think that if I can finish it before I send out PhD applications, it may improve my chances there. I've also had two articles published – one on Raimon Panikkar and ecological implications of the Trinity. That one was published last month in the Journal of Dharma. A second one, also in the Journal of Dharma, is being reviewed by the editor and is likely to be published next month. The topic of that one is terrorism and global responsibility.

Elizabeth is doing lots of exciting things, though I will let her update you on that.

We'll both try to be better about updating the blog. If you read it, please let us know that you were here – that will encourage us to be more diligent about updating.




george breed said...

Hello, Brad. Good to know of your existence.
That Panikkar guy is quite a dude. I am working my way through several of his books. Blessings, George

Wendy said...

From the reports we've gotten, it sounds as if this is the absolute busiest you've been since we've known you. I think it's because whenever you reach a new level of excellence, you raise the measuring stick on yourself. And then you work yourself until you reach that mark. You make this mother-in-law proud. Please don't forget me when you're passing out copies of your book. I may not understand it, but I can still claim bragging rights

kathrin said...

Good job. You're right, I have been checking for a month now for something new...finally!

Jay said...

I think that we, the people who care, should have some pictures to ensure that both of you are still alive.

Charles Courtney said...

Hello, Brad and Elizabeth. Thanks, Brad, for your card and message this spring. I received it while in Illinois for two months caring for my mother and sister, both of whom died a week apart in May. It was a demanding experience that left me stronger and quieter. I'm glad to hear of the good things you both are doing. Linking advaita and ecology adds breadth to the former and a great power to the latter. Brilliant! My Drew e-mail is still active: ccourtne. I'd love to hear again from you. Dr. C

TJ said...

Hey Bro, I haven't checked here in a while b/c there weren't any updates for so long, but felt compelled to check today. It's been a while since you posted this so hopefully you'll go back and find this comment. Anyway, I'd like to read the 2nd article you mentioned about global responsibility and terrorism, sounds interesting for sure. Love you, Sis TJ