Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We'd like to introduce you

Well, most of my posts have a tendency towards the serious, with many an attempt at profundity. Not today kids! Brad and I, in our desperate need to adopt all of the animals of the world, have gotten ourselves a kitten. We've named her Kali. She's three and half weeks old and is already a bundle of fun. Her new favorite place to sleep is behind the books on my desk shelf.

And yes, we're bringing her home with us next year. Morgan and Stanley will be miffed that they once again have to share us with someone who is younger and livelier.

Kali in her bed, playing with Brad. She's smaller than his hand!

She likes to sit and play in her litter box. It's a little gross, actually.

This is our girl Morgan. She's living with Brad's sister and
is waiting anxiously for us to return to her, I'm sure!!!

This is Stanley. She's chunky and is much better fed by Brad's
mother than she ever was by the two of us.
I'm sure that she'll be sad to leave the
"House of Perpetual Food and Constant Attention"!


mycaylyn said...

ohmyword...that picture of Morgan needs in go into print! What an impressive tight-roper she is, and does she ever look proud! (and adorable!) I am excited to meet my new little grand-daughter, Kali, in January when we visit in India with you :)She is so cute and I know Brad will give her lots of attention (when he can get her away from you, Elizabeth :)I hope she will grow a lot before you bring her home, or she might make a nice meal for Stanley :) Congratulations on your new 'little one'..a pleasant & adorable little distraction from studying for you both..I bet she is looking forward to the flight home already...not! love mom

Isabel said...

She is adorable! I saw a little cat about Kali's size last night on CMH Road playing in front of a shop. I almost took it home with me! Sometimes I think about getting a cat but I don't think I'm ready. When our cat died suddenly two years ago I was heartbroken. Sniff...

TJ said...

Ohhhh, she's so cute. Kittens are so much fun. Morgan scared me to death yesterday. I went to do something at my potting bench when something moved in the tub of potting soil. Since we have been having issues with a racoon lately, it freaked me out a little. Thankfully it was just Morgan. She hangs out with me when I'm gardening...Love, TJ

Toni said...

::is jealous::

I want a kitten... unfortunately my current cat is an old grumpy snit who would probably eat a kitten alive. Not that I don't love her dearly, too.

::watches claws nervously::

joshwall said...

I told meg yesterday that we should adopt a baby pig and take it with us until we get to india and then barter it for train fair... she didn't like that idea.

Have to say a kitten works much better to adopt.

Anonymous said...

Well, I must say that I am quite excited to meet your new kitten in a few months. There was a suspicious lack of cats in Vietnam, but there are lots here in Laos and seeing them reminds me that I kinda like the species...