Thursday, March 22, 2007


Would that it were tomorrow, so that my friend would have arrived
Would that it were the fall, with my education solidified
Would that it were two years from now, so we’d know where we’ll live
Would that it were a decade hence, so I’d see all I’ll have to give
Would that I were a mother, so my children I would know
Would that I were a proper adult, with my own chateau
Would that I were 90, looking back on my life
Enjoying all the times I’ll live filled with joy and strife

Yet if it were tomorrow, I’d have missed tonight
And if it were the fall, I’d have seen no summer nights
If it were two years from now, India would no more be
And if it were a decade hence, there’d be less to see
If I were already mom, the anticipation would be gone
And if was all grown up, my life would be foregone
And if on death’s door I stood, waiting for the end
There’d be nothing else to look forward to, no more laughter or friends

Then I’ll dream about tomorrow, and fill it up with sun
I’ll dream about the time this fall and how the days will run
I’ll picture life two years from now, all the options in a range
I’ll fear about a decade hence and how much will have changed
I’ll wonder about motherhood and the family I will gain
I’ll postpone adulthood the best I can, and childlike will remain
And when death finally comes to knock upon my door
I’ll turn myself full on to him and soulfully implore

I wish it that it were yesterday, without responsibility or care!
I wish that I had one more fall, with crimson leaves in my hair!
I long for the time when my husband was studious and free
I beg that I can once again live out my destiny!
My children ask that you grant their mother one more chance
While my husband’s plea is that we have one final dance
Death! please let me press you for one more thing
Take me back to the beginning and let me do it again


Mom Bannon said...

Elizabeth, is there no end to your many talents!! What a wonderful poem. I enjoyed it, and I have to say I like the last line the best...let me go back and do it all over again! Yes, that would be mom #2

Kathrin said...

Lots of mention of death! but I like it. Thank you so much for the card, I look at it daily, I like the painting. It is nice and sunny here, a good day to swim. Hope you're having a good day.