Monday, February 12, 2007

Long Lapses

It's just hit me how neglectful Brad and I have been of this blog and you, our loyal readers. There are quite a few reasons for this, which I won't get into as it'll just perpetuate the habit. Suffice to say, I'm going to try and get back into the swing of things. We have a lot happening in the next few months. I've changed gears a bit and I'm studying from home for another degree. Ali, a friend of mine from the physics program at Drew, is coming to visit in March for a few weeks. Brad finishes his first year in March also and then has a few months off before beginning again in June. He has a lot on his plate during that time, but we're hoping to meet up with our friends Josh and Megan as they begin their own South East Asia adventure. We'll hopefully see them in April or May. Then in August, they'll be coming through India and we'll have more adventures then.

We're only 15 months away from being back in the US! It's amazing how fast time flies when you stop paying attention! Let the blogging (re)begin!


Mom (Bannon) said...

AND I am counting everyday!! and just who would that be? Mom that's who! Mom's are like that, yeah, they are :) love you both and can hardly wait for the next 15 months to get gone...tho that will mean I am older is worth the price!! :) and Mayfield will have a year of HS behind him and will be driving, and Forest will be a foot taller than me, and Caylyn will be cured of Leukemia and talking up a storm and Evan and Cole will have taken over completely, Dad will be you will come home to many changes, (and you can even have your Kitty Kat back :),all of them neat except me being older!####love mom

Kathrin said...

That's wonderful, you'll have some visitors! Chris had a job interview yesterday, his current job is falling apart. Either way, if Italy won't work out this year then I will visit, I'm coming!

george n said...

Eventually, I will be there on business. I know that because I can't do my job without visiting the India operations. When? Who knows.