Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy News


I know that I have fallen way behind in my blogs, especially compared to Elizabeth. But I thought I would take a few minutes and update anyone who reads this on my life.

I spent the weekend in Chennai at a conference of Indian Christian Philosophers. It turned out to be a bit different than I had imagined, but it was good nonetheless and I heard several very good papers presented and was inspired to do some deeper research in my field.

When I returned home yesterday and read my email, I got an incredible letter from one of my professors. 2 weeks ago, my class presented and defended papers that we had written on ethics. My topic was on the Ethics of Vedanta from Radhakrishnan’s perspective. The professor told us at the beginning of the course that if our papers were strong enough, he would publish them in a book. The email that he sent me said that he is waiting for most of the students to rewrite and resubmit their papers, but he does not sound confident that the book will be published. However, he wrote that if the book does not happen, he would like to publish my paper as an article in the upcoming issue of the Journal of Dharma! That would be my first academic publication! So, either way, it looks like the article will be published – either in the book or in the journal (which is quite widely read).

What is more is that I learned that a paper that I wrote in February about the World Council of Churches is also being published, thanks to Dr. Ariarajah. That one is very exciting, as well, but it is not, strictly speaking, an academic publication.

I have one final day of “vacation” tomorrow (Thursday). Elizabeth and I have been invited to a conference for the weekend. This will be my 3rd conference in the last month and 2nd one in a week! Then classes start on Monday and I have 3 papers due. Two are nearly finished but one has not even been started.

I hope to hear from all of you soon. Please let us know that someone is out there reading!

God Bless,


TJ said...

Way to go Brad!!! Can't wait to read your 'publications'! Just wanted to let you know that I'm reading your blogs regularly. Miss you! Love, TJ (sister for anyone who wonders)

Brad said...

Thanks sis! That is funny - As you were posting a response to me, I was posting one to you (under "ahimsa..."). Thanks for the kudos.

Cathy said...

Congratulations little brother! I knew those big words would impress someone soon. I have not read the one on the WCC but if you get a chance to send it by a link I would be intersted in seeing it. I have downgraded my satellite tservice to dial up and it is sad t say, a majore improvement! so now I will be able to check on you all much more than I have been. I hear the WCC will be meeting in San Fransisco next time and if you go, well the city is just a marvel in itself!! I still wish I had a better concept of what it is you are going for as I try to bungle through some intelligent sounding response as I talk about you to my friends, I just have trouble with my summary and am likely making a mess of your goals. If you could give me a layman's termed description that would fit on a 3x5 card, I would be delighted to use it in applicable situations! Hope you are not offended by my inability to grasp it--just when I read your papers, I am personally unable to do so without a thesaurus. You must be so proud to be getting published among such smart folks! I am, once again, delighted for you! ILYMTYLM.Cass, the other sister

Brad said...

Hey Cass,

I don't think the WCC has announced yet where the next meeting will be. They have them every 6 years, so they have some time to decide. There was some discussion that it would be somewhere in the Middle East, but Korea is highly likely, too. Wherever it is, I will certainly be there.
The American Academy of Religion will meet next year in San Diego and I plan to attend. I am hoping to present a paper or two. If they select any of my submissions, then I'll go. I've never been to California. It would be a long trip, but maybe I could meet some PHd professors from the schools I want to go to. (I can't believe I have yet another round of college applications to do!)

As for my life goals... I want to be a Christian minister and Professor of Religion (perhaps a University chaplain), but I also hope to be an activist promoting greater rationality and dialogue between people of different beliefs. Basically, I want to be like Rev. Dr. Ariarajah... only slightly taller.

That should give you room to spare on your 3x5 card, I think! :)

Cathy said...

Yes, that is a good start for sure! Thanks for the clarity & although I have absolutely no idea who Rev.Dr. A is you would make a nice Rev. Dr.B....the kids are gonna cut me no slack here whatsoever and seeing me on the computer is an open invitation to a free for all...I promise to write more when I have a bit more luxury time, also known as ....time spent not having to eat plastic playskool spaghetti and hunt for any semblence of grown up thoughts. Caylyn you both, cath

Jen said...

Wow! That is awesome, congratulations! I am very impressed and that will be so great for your career.

Jen said...
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