Thursday, August 31, 2006

You know it's bad when...

Now, I know I made a big show of inviting everyone here to join in our fantastic experience in India. And I've been thinking about writing, every day, mostly saying to myself when I have an internet connection at home, then, then, I will write something. Well, that blessed day has come, and the event that has pushed me to finally get out of bed and write something is my mother's nagging. That's right, my mom wrote and asked why we hadn't written anything and then proceeded to e-lecture me about how important this blog will be in 30 years. You gotta love my mom.

The thing is, I don't really know where to begin. I've been in India for almost three weeks now, and I've had loads of fantastic (and a few not so great) experiences. I've been stared at (thanks go to Chrissy for the prep on that) and helped (thank God for the broad use of English) by perfect strangers. I've had people assume things about me, both complimentary and horrid, because of my hair, eyes, nationality and style of dress. I've gotten into an accident (only a little one, Mom, it's okay) and driven for hours, finally knowing why people ride on motorcycles. (breeze rushing through your hair, connection to surroundings, etc.) As I wrote at Kristin's blog, I feel friendless, loveless and smelly.

Or at least I did. For two weeks solid, I wanted to go home. I wanted my mommy. I wanted to go to the store and be able to make banal conversation with the clerk behind the desk. But then something dawned on me. This is why I'm here. My husband and I decided that we wanted to live overseas in order to know the world, and ourselves, a little better. I want to go through the drama. I want to be scared, confused, frustrated and angry. And as my mother likes to remind me, I'm fiercely independent (NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO!) and the idea of learning to survive in a culture with only my husband's brilliant input is thrilling.

So now it begins. Our big adventure. So far, the food has made me ill, so there's not much to report there. The apartment is mostly unfurnished, so the pictures will be bland and boring. I go tomorrow to see if I have a job that will keep my wandering mind entertained for two years. And I have the best husband in the world asleep a few feet away, just waiting to hold my hand and go through this with me. Care to join us?


Kathrin Biemann-Monfette said...

I'm glad wendy nagged you, I've been wanting to hear details...details I say!! Plus what kind of starnge looks?


E(Liz)a(Beth) said...

Geez, girl. I can't get a break! :) I promise, more details are forthcoming. Or, you can hop on a plane and visit me?!? (I know...that's really weak...)

Anonymous said...

Beth, you are so brilliant and brave and what else starts with a B . . . hmmm . . . BESHTASTIC!
I am sorry to have not responded to your comment earlier - I read it last night and thought of you lots. My Mom is right here and she says "Hi honey! We were driving in Tennessee and saw two open jeeps and thought of you in the last two days. We just got back from back East. [They drove up to CT]. You were so wonderful during the wedding - I can't thank you enough. You're a love!!! We think of you often so far away - don't forget if you're ever through DFW come see us. Love to you- Mrs. I."

That's a direct quote, by the way, if you couldn't tell!

Beshikins, I wish I could sing you a song on the phone. You just sing one tonight and pretend I am singing with you, ok?

More lovins soon.

vortexshedding said...

Seems strange, but I also love being out of my comfort zone. I'd say that I am experiencing more "culture shock" with my recent move to the deep South than what I experienced when I moved to Europe for a year.

Good for you for moving to India!